Up Close With Timmy Reyes

Timmy Reyes[IMAGE 2]

As you know, automobiles were originally intended for the sole purpose of transportation by getting the driver and its passengers from point A to point B. Kids today are taking automobiles and making a hobby out of driving them. We’ve all seen them racing each other on the 405 freeway here in Southern California. Usually a young kid is behind the wheel of a lowered Japanese coupe with an oversized exhaust that makes the car sound like a freshly tuned-up lawnmower. Sure, racing these rice rockets may be dangerous, but it’s a thrill nonetheless. We finally caught up with surfer/racer Timmy Reyes to find out what he’s got under the hood.¿Blair Marlin

First of all, I want to know what parts on this car are illegal?
The whole car is illegal.

Is it stolen or something?
No, I’ve got some things in my car that officers don’t approve of. Like this odometer (pointing to his dashboard), which gauges my turbos. And under the hood, basically¿the whole thing has been redone. Right now I’m working on getting nitrous oxide tanks put in so I can smoke everyone.

So you’ve had this car for one year. What have you had to do to maintain it?
It has cost me so much money to keep it up. This is my third engine I’ve put in. My newest engine is a Honda V-tech with a single overhead cam. It seems like my car is always in the shop getting something fixed.

How many days out of the month is your car in the shop?
On a good month¿one or two days, but sometimes it’s gone for like two weeks. That’s why I’m gonna sell this car in June. I want to get a car that doesn’t need to be maintained all the time.

And what car might that be?
I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a ’97 or ’98 BMW M3.

Is there any common racing terminology you can teach us?
The hazard lights are used to say “What’s up,” and flashing your brights means “You wanna go?” Engine revving is the most common, though.

Have you ever revved your engine at an intersection to get a girl’s attention?
No! Not even. Never.

Have you come across a surfer with a faster car?
The only person I can think of who might be able to beat me is Anthony Petruso in his new Ford Lightning. I haven’t gotten to race him yet, but we definitely will next time I see him.

Any tickets?
Just fix-it tickets. They can’t catch me when I’m speeding!

Well, thanks a lot for bringing your car in for “show and tell.” Any last comments?
Let’s go to lunch. You drive. My car’s broken.