Upon Reflection…


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Watching John John (or is it just John?) breeze his way through the Volcom Pipe Pro was like watching butter melt on a hot pan—smooth and easy. I never once saw John stress throughout the whole event. I never saw him "needing a score", I never saw him paddle hard, and I never saw one bit of worry on his face. He walked on water above the field and left a gaggle of smiling adults in his wake. After all, you can't get mad at John John, he's that just good. In two of his heats, he spent a grand total of 45 seconds combo'ing the rest of the guys he was surfing against. And if you watched the "Warrior Stats" (mini-interviews that Volcom did throughout the event), it was pretty telling that every surfer from Bruce to Aamion, and J.O.B. to Dave Wassell all mentioned that John was the man, and he's only been able to legally vote for a few months. So, that's two big wins in two months for John-squared—he'll be on the cover of TransWorld SURF soon enough, and after that, World Tour, World Title, etc, etc…Stay tuned.—Chris Cote


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John’s Warrior Stats