US Open Friday: Girls, Girls, Girls

Well, the U.S. Open is underway and Huntington Beach is the place to be. Apparently there is a surf contest going on somewhere around here, but it’s difficult to watch due to the tremendous amount of eye candy. They’re everywhere. Young, old, fat, skinny, white, black, brown, I’m telling you, every type of girl on god’s green earth is here.

Chris Cote had his second annual ‘Meet The Pro’ talkshow on the beach today with C.J. Hobgood and Tim Curran. Highlights were the two pros talking smack back and forth before their highly anticipated matchup tomorrow. Both of these two surfers should be considered favorites considering their small wave skills.

I admit it. I’m guilty of not watching too many heats. However, the one I did watch was a shocker. Gavin Beschen seemed to be running away with the heat, but the judges saw different, and ‘The Alien’ was sent packing. Surfers who were shredding the small, yet rippable conditions and made it through include Kalani Robb, Cory Lopez, the Hobgoods, Shaun Cansdell. I promise to watch more heats tomorrow, but with motorcross, breakdancing, skating, a million booths full of cool shit and two million hot chicks on the beach, it’s gonna be a challenge.

The question begs, are the girls a distraction to the surfers? According to Australian Pro Nathan ‘Noodles’ Webster, they are. “I’m trying not to think about ’em, says Noodles. “But yeah, they are a bit of a distraction.

Hawaiian ripper and U.S. Open first timer Marcus Hickman agrees. “There’re so many beautiful girls here. But it makes me realize how special mine is back home. This is the biggest contest I’ve ever been to. I’m surprised at how many people show up, and there mostly girls!

Back in 1985, there was a full blown riot here at Huntington. Back then it was known as the O.P. Pro and just as many people packed the beach as today. The difference between now and then is nowadays there is no bikini contest, which sparked the riot.

Anyways, I tried to chat up some of H.B.’s finest cops about the riot and they weren’t having it. “You’ll have to talk to our I.P.O. We’re not at liberty to discuss that issue.

Geez, you’d think I was trying to get some top secret narc information!

Stay tuned for up to the minute breaking news here at And if there’s another riot, you can be sure I’ll be right there!