US Open Saturday: Georgeson Wins, Irons and Slater out.

The weekend is here, a champion has been named and big name surfers are dropping like flies. Using a combination of long floaters and powerful snaps, Chelsea Georgeson, from Avalon Beach Australia, won the women’s division today in two to three foot, rippable conditions. Thousands of fans packed the pier and enjoyed a perfect, sunny Southern California day. Congatulations Chelsea! Look for an upcoming article in TransWorld Surf featuring Chelsea and today’s second place finisher, Sofia Mulanovich, and five more of the world’s best female surfers ripping apart the Mentawais.

The biggest news today was two time world champ Andy Irons being eliminated after committing a mental error and getting interference against Luke Steadman. Irons tried to force Steadman to go left on a wave that was breaking right and was given the interference. It was a bad move for Irons to even paddle for the wave because he already in first place with a commanding lead and the wave wasn’t good enough to push him further ahead. Even the best blow it sometimes.

In another shocker, Kelly Slater was eliminated after coming up short against Rob Machado and Marcelo Nunes. Slater was surfing at turbo speed and was looking unstoppable as usual but Nunes and Machado, both goofy foots, ripped small lefts all the way to the beach, taking down the six time world champ. Both giants of the ASP are gone, leaving the door wide open for anybody to take the six star event.

Also surfing well today was Luke Munro, Cory Lopez, Huntington local Tim Reyes, and Kalani Robb. The U.S. Open wraps up tomorrow when the Men’s champ and Lost junior pro champ will be crowned.