Utopia® Optics International, Inc. Is Proud To Announce Ryan Carlson As The Latest Addition To Its Surf Team

April 19, 2005 — Los Angeles, CA

Progressive surfer, Ryan Carlson (Lost, Etnies), just inked a two-year contract with Utopia Optics International, Inc. This 24 year-old is best known for his new-school style of surfing. Some of Ryan’s latest surfing achievements include 360 Airs, 540 Rodeos, and Backflips; and, yes folks, that’s on his surfboard! It is this kind of innovation that sets Carlson apart from the rest.

“I’m super amped to add Carlson to Utopia’s® surf team. He is such a key element to our program here, being that he’s got such sick style and is known and respected both here on the west coast as well as on the east coast. We feel that this kind of exposure adds value to the growing brand that Utopia® is, states Todd Proffit, Utopia® Surf Team Manager.

Ryan grew up in the Southern California surf scene. Later, Ryan moved to Long Beach, New York where he lived until 2003. These days, Ryan still spends his time between both coasts in search of waves. Photos of Ryan have made it into mags such as ESM, Surf News, and Electric Ink. Currently, Ryan is filming for the upcoming Lost movie, Lost Across America, and will compete in WQS Events and Red Bull Invitationals.

Ryan joins Utopia’s® Pro Surf Roster along with Jamie O’Brien (Local Motion, Rip Curl, Vans); Taylor Knox (Al Merrick, OP, Audio); and Adam Virs (Fox, Sector 9, Freestyle). “I’m really stoked to be on the Utopia® team! Utopia’s® put a lot of hard work into building the brand and image and I feel really honored to be a part of the program. says Ryan.

Utopia® welcomes Ryan Carlson to the family and looks forward to supporting his surfing efforts.