Val Surf Launches Live Video Contest

VS Boards

Val Surf and Oakley present “Danny Fuller’s Best Barrel Online Video Contest”.
If you have a barrel on film upload it to Vimeo, FastClips, or Youtube (last choice) and email the link to Danny at You could win $1,000 cash, an Oakley prize pack, and your barrel on the front page of our new site at If you don’t have anything on video you have until June 1st to submit your Barrel to Danny. Happy Barrel Hunting!

Make Sure to check out Val Surf’s New Video Blog Here:
Val Surf’s Video Blog is a site dedicated to highlight their team riders, post great content pertaining to surfing/skateboarding/snowboarding, and to host the majority of Val Surf’s Marketing. The site targets all three sports that Val Surf supports and gives the public the ability to view consistent video content updates and news from Val Surf and The Industry as well as Introduce Online Video Contests they might be hosting like the two current ones “FREE FOR ALL” and “Danny Fuller’s Best Barrel Online Video Contest”.