Vestal X Single Fin Light Up Uluwatu At Night

Vestal and Single Fin illuminate the waves at Uluwatu for a historic surf session and pool party

“Every Sunday we throw a sunset gig which can get pretty nuts – a sick reggae band with a drink or two… Or ten”, says Tai “Buddha” Graham, owner-operator of Single Fin, a popular bar and cafe perched atop the world-famous Uluwatu cliff in south Bali. “Tonight we’ve teamed up with Vestal watches and we’re taking it to the next level.”

“The next level,” it turns out, amounts to 50,000 watts of high-powered spotlights pointing at Uluwatu’s “Racetracks” section at night for the first time ever, and a raging pool party complete with international DJ’s at the adjacent Blue Point resort, which is usually reserved for lavish weddings.

A selected group of surfers took part in the nighttime expression session as throngs of spectators watched from the cliff’s edge. Prizes for “Best Maneuver”, “Best Barrel”, and “Rider of the Night” were awarded to local star Mega Semadhi, Californian Noah Westridge, and South African sensation Berrick De Vries respectively.

Berrick scored a gold Vestal watch valued at Rp.5,000,000, a shopping voucher to be used at Single Fin’s new surf store in Seminyak, and a night at Blue Point’s penthouse honeymoon suite. The spotlights stayed on until midnight, allowing the public to experience the thrill of night surfing as well, although most people gravitated towards the swimming pool which was teaming with attractive females.

Surfer-DJ’s “Adam & Eve” (Adam Bennetts) and “Cut Snake” (Paul Fisher & Leigh Sedley) shifted gears on the decks while revelers bomb-dived the pool and chugged on beers. Event sponsors Vestal and O’Neill peppered the crowd with free goodies.

Spotted poolside was American TV host / musician Sal Masekela, former World Tour surfers Tom Whitaker and Greg Emslie, Pro’s Billy Stairmand, Eric Geiselman & Sage Erickoson, Music Group ‘Kid Mac’, numerous members of the South Sydney & Paramatta Rugby League squads on their end-of-season vacation, plus some of the globe’s hottest junior surfers who are in town for the Oakley ASP World Junior Championships.

When the music faded out and the last bemo of merry men was packed and shipped off to Kuta, Tai reflected on the breakthrough night: “With only a few days of promotion we’ve had an amazing turn out, it was really unexpected. Should we mix it up with Potato Head next year?” he joked, then shook his head. “Nah, I think I prefer the cruisy reggae band on Sundays, but this won’t be the last of these rad nights!”

Betet Sal

Betet Merta and Sal Masekela at the Vestal X Single FIn party at Uluwatu. Photo by BaliBelly.TV

Words by Thai Little