Victoria Skimboards Launches New Board For Flatlanders

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (April 24, 2008) ˆ Laguna Beach-based Victoria Skimboards today announced the launch of a new board, The Matrix, specifically created for flatland skimboarding.  Skimboarding first evolved as a sister-sport to surfing along shorelines in Southern California at the beginning of the 20th century.  Today, however, skimboarding is moving inland, where thousands more enthusiasts can exploit their cross-over abilities to the fullest.  Flatland skimboarders employ complex technical tricks on rails, similar to those found in skateboard or snowboard parks.  The popularity of flatland skimboarding is exploding because it can be done on virtually any surface of water a flooded field or backyard, a river or lake edge.  

The sport’s growth also comes from advancements in board technology and improved durability, where Victoria Skimboards continues to lead the way. Victoria Skimboards, founded in 1976 by Laguna Beach-native and Stanford-educated Tex Haines, has dominated the board technology and new designs that have revolutionized the sport during the past 30+ years.  The Matrix, Victoria’s latest innovation, was designed to be lightweight yet durable, two factors that are essential to success in flatland boarding.  The board is tuned in with a three-stage rocker for mixing up lines and features Epoxy resin for added strength.  A composite construction allows for Super Pop during rides to the rails, while the twin tip and standard traction top allows for pure performance. The Matrix retails for $190 for the small board, $200 for the medium board and $210 for the large board.  It is available at retailers throughout the U.S., and online at

About Victoria Skimboards Founded in 1976, Laguna Beach, Calif.-based Victoria Skimboards ( has become undeniably the most authentic and innovative skimboard company in the world, dominating the industry for more than 30 years. Along the way, the company has made skimboarding an international passion for people of all ages from countries ranging from the United States and Australia, to British Columbia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Philippines. What started as a childhood passion for Tex Haines has become a market force that continues to propel the skimboarding industry forward including international competitions and world-class teams.  Based on its promise of “No-Ka-Oi” or “nothing is better” the industry will surely follow wherever Victoria takes it.