Victory KoreDry Launches New Website And E-Mail Newsletter Iniative

Victory KoreDry has launched a marketing double whammy with a re-vamped web-site in conjunction with the release of  the E-Mail Newsletter Victory POV(Point of View) with the latest marketplace going's of the brand.

This all ties in with the expansion of it's three product categories, TropiSkin KoreDry "Surf Shirts", Base KoreDry and Vooties, performance surf and watersports footwear.

Victory’s KoreDry “water repelling technology” fabric, is utilized in Victory’s Tropiskin Surfshirts, Kill the Chill Vests and Jackets, and the BASE Series, for layering extra warmth and comfort under your wetsuit – enabling longer sessions and  KoreDry in the new Vooties Performance Surf Footwear line.

For more information about KoreDry products contact Victory TroPiSkin at