Video Catch Up With The Vans Surf Team

The Vans Surf team has been busy this winter (yes, only two more weeks left of official winter). Here’s some footy of what some of the boys have been up to, breaking away from the cold and into some trunks and drainers.

As you may recall, Nathan Fletcher broke his femur this January at Pipe while doing a cutback. Yes, that’s right, a cutback. Goes to show you how much power this guy puts behind his turns. (For the full story of the broken femur head here). Leading up to this shattering injury, Nathan was charging the North Shore like only he can. He also managed to get in some water time at Mavericks on one of the biggest days of the year there. And yes, he does go left into the rocks on one of those bombs. Nathan’s now in full recovery, preparing for his next adventure. Get that leg better madman.

In early February a good chunk of the Vans crew scored an under-the-radar south swell at an undisclosed Mexican beach break while the rest of California waited out a killer flat spell/frost advisory combo. It was Dylan Graves’ inaugural Vans team trip, and with Josh Mullcoy, Pat Gudauskas, and Dane Gudauskas, the boys scored. The highlight of the trip was an amazing flip pulled off by Pat Gudauskas. Head to Flipping Out In Mexico to see all the photos taken by our very own Dave “Nelly” Nelson.

Joel Tudor has been making the trek to the North Shore every winter for a good portion of his life. Getting away from all the duties of life at home is just one of the many blessings that the North Shore offers (besides having the greatest seven mile stretch of beach in the world). You’d think after all these years Joel might be a bit jaded with it all, but he relishes it even more now.

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