Rip Clip: Spectacular Adventures! Galapagos

As we all know, Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species laid the foundation for the theory of evolution based on natural selection. Many of his cited findings are based on an exploration to the Galapagos Islands, or their official name of Archipiélago de Colón, aboard the famous Beagle. Darwin noted many differences in the same species (most notably finches) amongst the different islands within the island chain.

These days the Galapagos are a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve for their rare species, diverse landscapes, and natural beauty. And they’ve also got some quality surf.

The Spectacular Adventures! crew headed there a while back to include some footage in their newly released movie, Super Spectacular Adventures! Check out the Galapagos section above with ripping from the likes of Cory Lopez, Asher Nolan, Alek Parker, and Zander Morton, as well as the crew getting familiar with the indigenous species of the famous island chain.

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