VIDEO GAMES – Thumb Blisters

Cool Boarders 2001
Sony Interactive/PlayStation 2
The Cool Boarders video games have always been at the top of the heap, as far as snowboarding video games go. The graphics are amazing. There’re so many rails and hits, you’ll never get sick of playing this one. Yesterday I played as Todd Richards, and I was f-king ripping! I did like twenty 540 backflip stale-to-Indy pokes and about ten 720 rodeo mute grabs. I’m a big Todd Richards fan, so any chance to board with him is cool. As a matter of fact, sometimes I wear all my snow gear and sit on the couch sweating my ass off just Cool Boarding from my couch. Thanks, Todd-I look forward to ripping with you soon.-C.C.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Fifteen years ago, my cousin and I would go to our local pizza joint and play Gauntlet for hours. We thought it was the best game ever made. Now it has been polished and rereleased as Gauntlet Dark Legacy.This game was designed for a cooperative play of up to four players and starts you out with a large cast to pick from. The classic warrior is included, but you can also choose to be a sorceress, dwarf, or jester. After selecting your character, you’re placed in the first realm, which begins in the graveyard. As you fight your way through over 50 enemy characters, you’re confronted with each level’s boss. They’re strong, but not impossible to beat.Overall, Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a good role-playing adventure game. It’s definitely not the hardest game I’ve played, but it gives you a few challenges as far as finding obstacles and the necessary items your character needs to collect. If you’re into adventure games, I think you’ll like this one.-Daxter Lussier

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX
I didn’t get to play this game very much before I had to write this review, but from what I did see, the game’s pretty sick. If you like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or are into BMX, you’ll love this game.Pro BMX is basically the same as Tony Hawk, but you’re on a bike. You’re given eight levels to complete, and the goal is to get a cover of a magazine by pulling off crazy stunts. You can advance to the next level by scoring high points, and you can also hook-up new bikes and open up secret riders. This game has a good assortment of riders, too, like Dennis McCoy, Rick Thorne, Joe Kowalski, Cory Nastazio, Kevin Robinson, and Simon Tabron. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is definitely worth all the hype I’ve been hearing over the past six months. Go buy it!-D.L.

007 The World Is Not Enough
EA Games/Nintendo 64
I was really looking forward to this game after the first one came out, and luckily, it wasn’t a disappointment. The challenges are a little harder, and each mission takes a little more time to complete. I felt challenged through all fourteen levels.The only thing I didn’t like about 007 The World Is Not Enough was the fact that you have to start over on a level once you die. This made me play carefully and decreased my ability of killing everybody in my path. You have to stay on track throughout every level or it’ll be impossible to finish the entire game. If you have a short attention span, I wouldn’t recommend this game. But if you like games where a brain’s required, I think you’ll like this one.-D.L.