Video Review.


Video Review

The Far Shore

Greg Schell/Soul Carvers Productions

Okay, I know the name of the company is Soul Carvers Productions, and it nearly kept me from watching it–but ignore that. Although some of the OGs (older readers of Surfer) will know this, most of our younger readers have no idea who Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson are. Simply put, they're the Lewis and Clark of surf travel. They pioneered surf spots throughout Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Sahara, West Africa, France, Fiji, and Ireland and documented it for Surfer magazine in the 70s. There're some amazing stories, Super-8 footage, photos (including some of Surfer's most famous covers), and interviews. You may or may not like the groovy soundtrack, but that shouldn't matter. This is one of the truest public-television-style surf documentaries I've ever seen–a must-see for any traveler. For more information checkout–AC

One Step Beyond Special Edition DVD

Adio Footwear

Aptly titled, Adio Footwear's One Step Beyond Special Edition DVD is a smorgasbord of the illustrious Adio team taking their skateboarding one step beyond. Just like every other DVD, there's a ton of special features included–I could tell you about them all, but why spoil it for everyone? I will say that Bam Margera and Brian Sumner's section raised a few eyebrows, though. If you've seen One Step Beyond already, then this DVD is not to be missed and should be added to your collection as well.–A.S.