Video Reviews

Liquid Time

Webber Brothers

This is one of the coolest movies I've ever seen. I don't want to give away the surprise in store for anyone who will be lucky enough to see this, but it's amazing. I hope you just trust me and get this movie. I showed this thing to Benji and Jay Larson. They sat there in awe for the whole thing. They were so tripped out by this movie, they couldn't control themselves. Benji walked out of the office with a weird glaze in his eyes, and Jay just crawled under the table and pondered life. To get this revolutionary film, contact Please do this now and your life will be better.–C.C.

Rating: Trippingly Awesome!

Radio Waves DVD

Whip Media

Radio Waves is a high-action film shot around the world. It follows the standard surf-movie format but has some futuristic editing and effects. Every pro is in this movie, and there's some great Australia footage. The sections basically follow the world tour and there's nothing wrong with that. A good soundtrack and up-to-date surfing makes Radio Waves one to check out while you wait for the next Taylor Steele movie.

Rating: I'm pretty amped right now, bro!

Destined For Second DVD

Stubtown Media

This is the best East Coast movie to come out in a long time. The music is good and the surfing is as good as you're gonna get from the East Coast. All the surfers in the movie are from the Right Coast, and they are all ripping.

Rating: Ya'll come on over, ya hear?