Video: Shane Dorian On His Slater-Inspired 5’2″ Quad

Looks like our favorite Big Island brudda Shane Dorian has hopped onto the “go short or go home” bandwagon. While Shane-O (seen here shredding El Salvador at the Billabong Las Flores Resort) and Slater may rave about the ultra short boards, the rest of us are left to ponder: “Can I even paddle that thing, much less catch a wave on it?” My thoughts are that, while I’m sure the little sticks are really fun to ride, they just look too short and the guys seem to be holding back a bit. Then again, who’s gonna argue with their rippability until we actually ride one…Is my board done yet, Kelly?

Let us know your thoughts, would you pony up and buy a 5’2″ quad? Are these guys ripping or tripping?