Video: Smith bros in SoCal

Like many of surfing’s rising stars, the Smith brothers, Alex and Koa, spent much of their summer season in the epicenter of the professional surfing sphere: Orange County, California. Not so much for the surf, but mainly to rub elbows with their sponsors, and rub various other body parts of the young female population, which is far more abundant than in their North Shore, Kauai, hometown. Unlike most young guns, these two spent time doing some “outside-the-box” activities like participating in a costumed raid on Lowers, soft-topping a big day at the Wedge in Newport Beach, and going to private skate sessions with Paul Rodriguez. Needless to say these two little Kauaians know how to have a little fun.

At present, younger bro Koa is awaiting Round 3 of the Oakley Pro Junior in Bali after a last minute wildcard entry from Oakley. A phenomenal Round 1 heat win over a favored Jack Freestone has launched him past the dreaded round 2 and straight into the third. Competition should resume with Round 2 sometime Tuesday night, 6 a.m. local Bali time.

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