Video: Tube-Hunting Tasmanians score Nias

On March 28, 2005 a massive 8.6 earthquake shook the island of Nias, which sits west of the Sumatran coast in Indonesia. Over a thousand villagers lost their lives, and the quake changed the island itself, with many parts of its surrounding reefs being lifted several feet skyward. Several of the world-class waves on the island, such as the world-class left called “Asu,” were destroyed. Some waves, however, were improved upon, most notably the island’s most famous wave inside Lagundri Bay, which now breaks on all tides instead of just the low. Here Tasmanian tube-hunters Mikey Brennan and Marti Paradisis take a journey to the region, which is still very seismically active, to sample some of the area’s relatively new waves.