Video: Up Close And Personal At Lower Trestles

Filmed and edited by Drew Coalson

It’s common knowledge that getting a wave on the main peak at Lower Trestles while the World Tour is in town is a bit difficult. Like really, really f—king difficult. And even if you can get a wave, expect to be trailing one of the best in the world for the majority of the time.

But it also creates for a unique experience. How many can say they’ve shared a wave with Mick Fanning, Michel Bourez, Kolohe Andino, or Dusty Payne? Well, our buddy Drew decided to paddle out with his GoPro cam and get some up-close-and-personal footage of some of the world’s best and one of the best waves in the world. Watch, learn, and put the information to good use.

Michel Bourez at Lower Trestles