Vintage Surfboards Hawaii Proves To Be Lousy Smuggling Vessel

In a blow to the whole vintage board movement, a 30-year old Mexican citizen was arrested after the Border Patrol saw him paddling a late 70s model surfboard 200 yards offshore of Imperial Beach with a duffel bag full of mota. While he’s no Jamie Mitchell, the dude did manage to make it all way to IB with 24lbs. of weed and no fin. Have you tried paddling without a fin? Damn near impossible!

Marijuana and surfboard

As a smuggling vessel, this ’77 Surfboards Hawaii didn’t cut it for one now-incarcerated hombre. Photo courtesy US Border Patrol

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“A 30-year-old Mexican national was arrested while trying to smuggle 24 pounds of marijuana ashore on his surfboard, the U.S. Border Patrol said.

The suspect was spotted Sunday morning paddling north about 200 yards off the coast of Imperial Beach, near the Mexican border.

When agents ordered the surfer to come ashore, he threw a blue duffel bag into the water, the Border Patrol said. Agents went into the water to make the arrest.”

In a case like this, does the surfboard go to jail too?