Virginia Hillbilly Tour Day Four: Maz Quinn Interview

[IMAGE 1]This place is crazy! Every night, anybody who has anything to do with the contest is getting pickled (tipsy) and coming back the next morning with stories of how they got thrown in jail for being inebriated (the names will remain anonymous for my protection) or seeing crazy people do crazy things. Desiderio, Matt Coleman, Kevin Upton (see previous story), and myself went to Crazy Charlies for Planet Earth/ADIO night. Tons of people showed up including Bryan Hewitson, New Jersey’s Sam Hammer and Luke Ditella. The only thing I really remember was Upton doing rebel yells with responses from random locals and buying some Irish girls his favorite drink¿car bombs.

Then this morning Desi wakes up to tell us that he was in some local restaurant when a waitress and some lady started fighting. The next thing he knew, the lady threw a table at the waitress and the waitress threw back a chair. Then to top it off, the four other waitresses also jumped in¿I love this place.

[IMAGE 2]This afternoon I went golfing with Hawaiian Pro Jason Bogle, Damon from Alphanumeric, and the world famous Pod (Scott Banuelos) of Counter Culture. We went to some local course where we kept hitting balls into the ponds. I was afraid to look in the bushes because of all the damn bugs biting and the fear something called a water moccasin might nip at me as well. Apparently, they spotted one yesterday and I wasn’t even thinking about f—ing with one.

As for the contest, everyone still can’t believe there’s waves to be ridden. It’s still waist to head high, however, a storm passed over today and added some wind into the mix. The ladies heats at high tide were a disaster. It’s still too early to give all the results and crap. One of my favorite surfers to watch made it through his heat¿his name is Maz Quinn.

Maz has an unbelievable style and isn’t afraid to do some kind of crazy turn in his heats. A lot of people don’t know about him because he’s probably one of the very few surfers from New Zealand to ever compete on a world level. Thankfully, I caught up with Maz after his heat¿here’s what he had to say:

[IMAGE 3]A.C.: How long have you been doing the QS’s?

M.Q.: This is my third year now.

How’s your year been going?

This year’s been going pretty bad, I haven’t made that many heats this year, but I still have a few contests to go¿I’m looking forward to those.

You have a really smooth style, you’re definitely one of the smoothest. Where do you get it from?

I don’t know. I started surfing at a long, Trestles sort of wave. It’s not as good as Trestles, but learning as a grommet on a wave like that sort of does something to your style.

What do you think of places like Virginia Beach when you see the hicks and everything?

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. You see these sort of people on TV at home, when you come here it’s quite different. I like America, especially San Diego and all those area’s. It’s sort of like home, but not as many people.

Where’s your favorite place to surf in the world?

That’s a hard one. I really love Europe. Hawaii, if it wasn’t so crowded.

In all your travels around the world, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

I don’t know. Probably as a grommet thinking all I wanted to do was be on trips surfing and now I’m doing it. That’s probably the weirdest thing when I think about it.

What do you think your chances are of qualifying are?

I just have to put it together in heats¿then I can do it. It’s a big confidence thing as well. I think that’s one of my downfalls¿lacking confidence when I’m surfing. So if I get that back up, hopefully you never know, I might even do it by the end of the year.

Good luck Maz!