Virginia Tour Day One/Two: Mike Losness Interview


You’ll have to bear with me because I’ve never been to the East Coast. I had to go when the chance came to travel to the last stop of the Panasonic Shockwave tour in Virginia Beach with Planet Earth/Adio Team manager Scott Desiderio

After waking up super early, we flew into St Louis where Desi and I ran into San Clemente’s own Mike Losness. All three of us arrived in Norfolk, Virginia and hooked up with one of the most classic guys I’ve ever met-Kevin Upton. Kevin is a rep in the North Carolina/Virginia area who is very funny and says the F-word a lot. Within two hours of arriving, Kevin, and the two groms he brought along, took us to his hometown of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina-real N.C. boy!

On the way we went to a place called the Border Station where you can gamble and buy alcohol and fireworks at the same time. We also saw the Diggers Dungeon where the famous monster truck called the Grave Digger resides. Best of all we drove through Brew Thru where you’re able to buy beer from the car-I love this place.

Last night Kevin treated us to some Southern hospitality at a local establishment called Mama Kwan’s. He also treated us to some good food and an elixir called a car bomb-very popular around here.


Wednesday morning we went surfing in Kill Devil Hills where the waves were chest high and sort of like a shorebreak but really fun. Oh, and the water’s about 75 degrees. The waves in Virginia Beach are flat because of some dredging-a nightmare for the contest. There were literally heats where waves were washing up without breaking.

We’re still getting acclimated, but this place rules-and so does Kevin Upton. Losness and I had some hung over time so here’s a short interview. If you’ve never heard of him, Mike’s a nineteen-year-old from San Clemente who surfs very well. A former NSSA National champ, he’s currently doing all the WQS’s he can-that’s why he came to Virginia.


AC:How do you like this place?

It’s cool.

What do you think of Upton?

Classic hillbilly.

Do you wish you were a Southerner?


What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen here so far?

The two groms Kevin brought along, Ben and Lenny.

Do you plan inbreeding any time soon?

No, do you?

I’m sterile. What do you think the difference between the East and West is?

The East has their ways-a huge difference from the West.

If you lived here what would you do everyday?

Probably skate or ride dirt bikes or fish-not surf.

Do you miss San Clemente?

I miss the waves.

How’s your year been so far?

It was good until a couple of months ago when I hurt my ankle.

How’d you do it?

Surfing Indo-trying an air.

Did it ruin your trip?

Yeah, I went home after four days. It took three days to get there. I was lucky because another boat drove me in to Padang.

Does it still bother you?


Who are your sponsors?

Rip Curl, Adio, DSO, OAM, and Xanadu.

What are your plans for the future?

Keep traveling and see what happens.

Upton says the F word a lot in a good way, is there anyone you want to say the F-word to?

Yeah, Upton that bastard.