Volcom Art Show In L.A. Features Art, Booze

Volcom’s Los Angeles Store was the place to be this Saturday night, as industry folk, art connoisseurs, pros, and beautiful people gathered to drink free cocktails and check out the latest installments from the Stone’s Spring/Summer 2005 art collection, featuring work from Carl Smith, Haculla, Michael Sieben, Jason Carrougher, Brooke Reidt, Emily Hoy, and Matt French.

In true L.A. fashion, we arrived three hours late for the event, but were quickly handed vodka red-bulls out of used keg cups and treated to a rockin’ set by the always amusing Digital Unicorn. We had a half-hour to chug our drinks, check out the art, and schmooze with the crowd before the doors were closed and we were let loose on Hollywood. Another smashing good time from the good people at Volcom.