Volcom Blowfish Contest Number One Results

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The first event of the 2001 VQS Blowfish Surf Series, San Diego was held July 7th, at Wisconsin St. in Oceanside. This was the biggest turnout the Blowfish series has had. 120 people surfed in the all day event and everyone had a great time. The contest drew people from the East Coast, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The surf was 2-3 feet and fair form. There were great surfers in every heat and division, making for difficult judging and a long day. The results are as follows:

1st Shane Upchurch
2nd Jeremy Johnson
3rd Chris Burdine
4th Temujin Matsubara
5th Alek Parker
6th Jeff Crego

1st Yaden Nichol
2nd Kirk Lindahl
3rd John W.
4th Nick Mccrue
5th Tyler Saunders
6th Brandon Ragenvich

1st Ricky Whitlock
2nd Jake Kirshenbaum
3rd Cheyne Pinkney
4th Jensen Hassett
5th Scott Hammonds
6th Brandon Ragenovich