Volcom Blowfish Series Results For October

Blowfish Surf Series
Saturday November 2, 2002
Ocean Beach Pier

The third event of the Blowfish Surf Series was held on Saturday, November 2nd, 2002 at the Ocean Beach Pier. This event had 70 competitors showing up at 7:00 am to stake their claim to cash, prizes and the ever important points for the VQS finals. The sun was shining early, the waves were on the small side but clean in the morning but as the tide dropped so did the surf, even so, everyone had a great time.

The grom division is always competitive and this contest was no different. Local knowledge seemed to play a part in the results as Jordan Gaudet and Travis Scarbrough took first and second and both are from O.B. Alex Halbert rounded out the top 3. The lineup was tricky and wave selection played a big part in this division.

This year the juniors division has been getting better and better every contest. It was good to see some new faces as well. It was close for the top three but newcomer Cody Trout took the win, prizes, points and best of all a new snowboard. Michael Mulloy placed second and Jason Mcilwee rounded out the top three. With one event remaining worth double points all the division placing are up for grabs.

The pro-am is always the most competitive and this contest was no different. 36 men competed for cash, prizes and points and it showed by the level of competition. The division was stacked with guys like Ian Rotgins, Jason Franco, Derek Dunfee, and Julian Mullins. When all was said and done Jason Franco walked away with his second win of this years Blowfish events, back to back, and $150 in cash. Ian Rotgans was second and took home $50 bucks. Temojin Matsbara rounded out the top three.
Thank You to the contributing sponsors for your help and support: D.C. shoes, Sector 9, Santa Cruz surfboards, Dragon optical, Julie Designs, Rossignol snowboards, Famous wax, Red Bull, Surfing, Surfer, and Transworld.

1. Jordan Gaudet
2. Travis Scarbrough
3. Alex Halbert
4. Nathan Hinck
5. Adam Weigand
6. Ryan Hoyer

1. Cody Trout
2. Michael Mulloy
3. Jason Mcilwee
4. Dan House
5. Casey Doyle
6. Tyler Gaudet

1. Jason Franco $150
2. Ian Rotgans $50
3. Temojin Matsbara
4. Julian Mullins
5. Andrew Mathew
6. Dan Dowden