Volcom Butterfish And Pufferfish Contest Number One Results

The first event of the Volcom Butterfish Surf Series was held September 8, 2001 at Mandalay Beach in Oxnard. The surf for the event ranged fromgood 3′-6’+ to very testing conditions. With over 95 competitors shaking off their back to school woes everyone was stoked to be free once again.


We want to thank the companies that helped make the Volcom Butterfish a huge success: Globe, Freestyle, Smith, Pro-lite, Head Hunter Sunblock, Surfing Surfer & Transworld Magazines, and my Dad for shooting the pics and Mom for tabulating.

In the groms division we had quiet a few first timers today. The best thing about thegroms is they might go down right away, but they go right back out and have a blast the rest of the day. The winner in the groms was Cory Arrambide. This 12 years old grom was killing it. Other standouts in the groms division were Tim Pfannesteil and Nick Rosza.

In the Juniors division first time junior John “helmet” Paul Taylor came close to taking the victory only to see Bummy take the victory on hislast wave. Bummy showed up without a leash and showed he didn’t need it.

The Men’s division was a close battle between Chris Enns and Yves Bright. Chris took the chance on a backside floater and took the prize.In the air show there wasn’t an air landed but what did occur was Blake Howard getting not one, but two solid barrels to claim victory.Remember the top 5 in each division will be invited to the VQSchampionships in March of 2002. Get ready for the next even in November.


Mens Pro-Am
1.Christian Enns $150.00
2.Yves Bright $50.00
3.Tommy Vos
4.Evan Caples
5.Tyson Armstrong
6.Bobby Morris


1.Bummy Koepenick
2.JP Taylor
3.Alex McGeever
4.Frank Tasoro
5.Brian Schmidt
6.Nick Dameral

1.Cory Arambedie
2.Tim Pfannestiel
3.Nick Rosza
4.Garret Carpenter
5.Colin Anderson
6.John Ewart

Air Heat
1.Blake Howard

Volcom Stone held the first Pufferfish Surf Series event of the season was held at Kewalos, Oahu, Hawaii on Aug 25th, 2001. The surf was a clean 3-4ft with sunny Hawaiian skys.

The Pufferfish was a single event VQS Qualifier. All of the Oahu event top 5 finalists qualify for VQS Championships on March 30th-31st, 2002


1.Eric Knutson
2.Nalu Wallace
3.Noah Erickson
4.Mason Ho
5.Reis Harney
6.Zack Fonodimoana

1.Dustin Cuizon
2.Mikey Mitchell
3.Kekoa Bacalso
4.David Aluli
5.Vinton Silado
6.Hoku Webb

Mens Pro-Am
1.Joey Valentine $150
2.Clint McKey $50
3.Randel Paulson
4.Richard Tom
5.Kevin Kennedy
6.Raynos Hayes

Girls (Specialty Event)
1.Lane Davey
2.Ashley Hunter
3.Rachel Spear
4.Lani Hunter
5.Rebecca Fonormoana
6.Summer Ahina