Volcom Butterfish Results From Tar Pits

Volocm Stone held the second event of the Butterfish Surf Series at Tar Pits in Carpinteria on November 17th, 2001. The surf was 4-5 ft with clean, glassy peaks firing up and down the beach all day long. The event ran from sun up to sun down, with Over 120 over-amped competitors battling it out for cash and prizes.


The Butterfish always produces a huge talent pool, and the grom heats here are always heated. With valuble VQS points on the line, 14 year old overgrown super grom Kilian Garland dominated the division for much some needed points.

The Juniors division saw up and comer Grom Cory Arrambide winning the division for the first time ever. Daniel Jacobs had an impressive showing and finished in the runner-up position.

Highlights from the Pro-Am were from Chris Enns, Carl Holm, Bobby Morris, and Brian Aresco were all front runners until the very end when Chris Enns sealed the gap for the $150 win.

The Air heat was held at low tide and air sections were hard to find, a small backside air by Chris Enns was deemed the winner. Due to the fact that no real solid air was thrown down, we decided to split the money with the under 14 Super Gnarly lip dodge/ultra head-snap heat. 12 year old Matt McCabe rose to the occasion with his impressive backside layback, to head snap, then followed it up with a frontside open faced head dip, and then completed it with a huge flyaway head snap lipper.

We would like to thank product sponsors: Globe, M3 Snowbaords, Sector 9, Body Glove, Smith, Channel Islands, Pro-Lite, Sex Wax, Vestal, Red Bull, Surfer, Surfing, Transworld Surf, and Happy.


1.Chris Enns $150
2.Carl Holm $50
3.Bobby Morris
4.Brian Aresco
5.Aaron Smith
6.Bart Templeman
7.Curt Harper

1.Cory Arrambide
2.Daniel Jacobs
3.Colin Dodgson
4.Blake Simpson
5.Brian Schmidt
6.Ryan Peterson

1.Kilian Garland
2.Cory Arrambide
3.Nick Rozsa
4.Tim Pfannestiel
5.Colin Schlidhauer
6.Mike McCabe


1.Chris Enns $25

1.Matt McCabe $25