Volcom Butterfish Season Opener Results

There was no better way to start off the Season Opener of Volcom Stones Butterfish Surf Series than having perfect 2-4ft wedging peaks. Better yet, over 140 competitors showed up to battle it from 7:00am to 7:00pm. No kids would be turned away in the all-star Style wedging surf. Free breakfast burritos provided by our friends at Red Bull and none of the 240 Red Bulls cans would be left empty.

In the Grom Final it started off early with a battle between Cory Arrambide, Spencer Regan, and Matt McCabe, but as the Final went on it would be a show down between Cory and Matt. In the end it would be first time Finalist Matt McCabe who came up with the win. If you want to see one stoked grom about his first win, this was the kid. Matt took home a duffle bag full of gear, a skate deck, and snowboard.

It was anyone’s win in the Junior Final until the five minute remaining horn blew. Kai Ellison, Colin Schidhauer, and Cory Arrimbide, broke themselves away and battled it out to the end. It would be Colin Schidhauer who took the win with Cory taking the runner up position and Kai Ellison in third.

Brian Aresco drew first blood in the Pro-am Final demonstrating his fluid down the line style, but it would be a battle between the quick goofy footers for the win. Ian O’Neil took third with Vince Perry throwing blows all the way to the end, but it would be local boy Sean Hayes who took the victory and $200 cash while Vince took home $50 and bag full gear.

Thanks to all who helped out and especially our sponsors: Da Kine, Smith, Bodyglove, Globe, Channel Islands, Famous surf wax, Burton Snowboards, Alpinestars, Sector Nine, Future Fins, Santa Cruz, Transworld Surf, Surfer, Surfing, Happy Magazine.

1. Matt McCabe
2. Cory Arrimbide
3. Spencer Regan
4. Matt Gallager
5. Dustin Williams
6. Robert Curtis

1. Colin Schidhuer
2. Cory Arrambide
3. Kai Ellison
4. Pierce Flynn
5. John Paul Taylor
6. Taylor Wood

1. Sean Hayes $200
2. Vince Perry $50
3. Ian O’Neill
4. Brian Aresco
5. Dennis Rizzo
6. Rusty White