Volcom Crustaceous Tour – Blowfish – Scripps Pier

The following are results from the Volcom Blowfish contest at Scripps inLa Jolla on October 21.[IMAGE 1]

Sponsors included Volcom, DC, Ocean and Earth,Sector 9, Dragon, XCEL, and TransWorld SURF. Despite the lingeringthreat of rain and sideshore conditons strong enough to blow up thetent, the one- to three-foot waves stayed fun and the turnout wasstrong.

Mens Pro-Am
1. Austin Ware $150
2. Josh Spangler $50
3. Brian Guster
4. Nicholas Peluth

1. Derek Dunfee
2. Garrett Goodwin
3. Chris Loomis
4. Ini Wilmot

[IMAGE 2]Grom1. Leandro Usuna
2. Jordan Gandit
3. Chris Grimes
4. Kyle Witkowski