Volcom Crustaceous Tour, Butterfish – Tarpits

The Butterfish Surf Series held it’s second event of the series on November 18th at Tar Pits in Carpinteria. The surf was 3-4ft with sunny glassy conditions all day long.

[IMAGE 1]The event started with 108 first round competitors and finally wound down at the end of the day with 4 division winners. In the Grom division it was Bummy Koepenick winning on his home turf, Junior winner was the unstoppable Nate Tyler, and in the Pro Am it was Tar pits favorite Vince Perry edging out Adam Virs for the win.

The Airshow had some excitement with Adam Virs in total control of the heat until the last 2 minutes, when Nate Tyler came out of nowhere to launch a huge frontside air to walk away with $50 and the win. a Volcom action girls heat went down for this event with Ann Lipkin walking away with the win.

[IMAGE 2]Final Results

1 Bummy Koepenick
2 Nick Argropolis
3 Ryan Peterson
4 Bryan Schmidt
5 Chad Compton
6 Kai Ellison

1 Nate Tyler
2 Bummy Koepenick
3 Kyle Blickley
4 Nick Argropolis
5 Kai Ellison
6 Shea Parton

1 Vince Perry $150
2 Adam Virs $ 50
3 Evan Caples
4 Dennis Rizzo
5 Ian O’neill
6 Blake Howard

Air Show
1 Nate Tyler
2 Adam Virs
3 Nathan Winkles
4 Bummy Koepenick
[IMAGE 3]Action Girls
1 Anna Lipkin
2 Margo Ledig
3 Lindsey Lemory
4 Bo Stanley

Thanks to everyone who contributed prizes: Globe, Al Merrick and Channel Islands, Sex Wax, Smith, Body Glove, On A Mission, Consolidated, an our friends at Transworld Media, Surfing Mag, Surfer Magazine.