Volcom Crustaceous Tour Cocoa Beach

The third event took place across from Natural Art Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. Although the surf has been extremely flat for the whole summer, these events have been very lucky for surf. The contest started on the 23rd of July but had to be postponed due to bad weather.


Nately and Marsh


Pro Finalists

Goldfish Crew

Computer Body Premiere

Conputer Jeff

A storm rolled in in about 10 minutes out of the blue. Not only was the lightning hitting everything around us but the wind picked up speed and the two tents I had on the beach and throught them about 200 yards down the beach. Two twisted metal balls that were the tents. We continued with the rest of the contest on Aug 6th. The surf was one of the better days of the summer with a couple small disturbances in the Atlantic stirring up a small 2-3 foot fun shorebreak.

Sean O’hare and Matt Neilson in conjunction with the Seacow event put on a paddle race event for the kids and gave away trophies and prizes to the winners. These paddle races have been going off so keep an eye out, or get more info at the Cocoa Beach Surf Musuem located in Natural Art Surf Shop.

We threw in a girls division since we have a large amount of aggro surfer chicks showing up to all the events. One of them got a shot on the front page of Flrida Today Newspaper, her name is Liz Taylor she’s been surfing her brains out lately. Taking first in the girls was Heidi Drazick from Cocoa Beach with a clear win edging out Erin Dippolito Ashley Stack, and Chrystal Cooper.

In the grom division it was Volcom’s Shane Pickney edging out my local Volcom grom sidekick Jake Kirschenbaum. Very close for first and second with Shane on top for the third undefeated win.

The Junior grom division showed an excellent display of talent for the final. Out in front taking top honors was Brandon Dunn, ahead of Max Doucet in second, with Brody Sorenson and Kody Saxemeyer in third and fourth.

The Pro-Am final had some of the bigger sets of the day coming in. In a fairly close final, Mason Sapp from Cocoa Beach proving to get the better rides remained in the lead when the heat ended to take 1st. In second was Sergio Cavalcante from Brazil, third was founder and owner of The Cocoa Beach Surf Musuem Sean O’hare, and fourth place went to Erike Benton. The airshow that was thrown together was won by Shawn Bowman with a sick 360 air landed and Sergio Cavalcante coming in second.

All the events are free. Tons of prizes. I’d like to once again give a huge thanks to the unreal dedicated surfing companies that pitchedin product to support these events K-Grip, K-Leash, Flexdex, Dragon Optics, Globe Shoes. Tansworld Surf kicked in a box of mags. Which is always cool. Thanks all of you.

The next and last event in Florida will be September 10 at Natural Art Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. The number to the shop for info is: (321)783-0764. The Seacow Championships will be Dec. 3rd at Sabastian Inlet. September 10th contest is the weekend before Sept. Surf expo at 7 AM. First come, first surf. Hope to see you there.

For more info please contact me Sean Slater at 321-431-7667 or e-mail me at sslater@volcom .com

Also special Thanks to Dave Hart who always there helping out the kids, Rachel, Fifer. See you Sept. 10th Later Slater