Volcom Crustaceous Tour – El Porto

The second event of the Sea Slug Tour was held at El Porto August 19th in 3′-5′ glassy waves. With over 60 competitors competing for fun and point, with Smith, Bully’s, Globe, Nixon, Body Glove and of course VOLCOM setting the kids up with insane prizes the event went off. I was stoked to see a new winner in both the juniors (Colen Dodgsen) and the groms divisions (Matt Mohagen), both of them being first time winners. In the mens division final Yves Bright rode two tens to the win. He busted a big frontside air on one and than just demolished another. The waves made for a good expression session with guys like Jared Lang doing one of the heaviest bashes I’ve seen a junior do.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as one of the judges Perry Ustick stuck a clean frontside air and won the Expression Session.

1st Matt Mohagen
2nd. Kelly Jacobsen
3rd. Chad Dime
4th. Kyle Jax
5th. Matt Brannis

1st. Colen Dodgsen
2nd. Josh Buran
3rd. Jared Lang
4th. Justin Swartz
5. Jamie Jacobsen
6th Spencer Gilbert.

1st Yves Bright
2. Jex McCartney
3.Jon Amezcua
4th Adam Swanson
5. Justin Swartz
6. Ryan O’keefe