Volcom Crustaceous Tour Finals

The First Annual Volcom Crustaceous Tour Championships


The Volcom Crusty Tour Championships took place this past weekend on March 17 and 18 at 54th Street in Newport Beach, Ca with sunny skies overhead and 2 to 3 foot well shaped peaks lining the ocean arena. Around 90 young and talented qualifying surfers from all over the United States battled it out over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend thirsting for a chance at tons of donated product prizes as well as a prize wallet of 9000 dollars to be split between four divisions. The competitive field included surfers from Hawaii, California, Puerto Rico, and The East Coast (Florida included). Everyone that competed earned the right to compete in this free championship event by surfing the Volcom Surf Series in their selected area. Top five surfers from each division-grom (14 and under), junior grom (15-17), and pro-am (18 and over), were offered a slot. The airshow contestants were chosen by Volcom’s expert surfing evaluators Troy Eckert and Brad Dougherty and were based on the surfer’s continuous aerial expertise. It was an unreal weekend with sun, food, excellent surfing, and the Volcom Banana Man running for his life while tons of kids ran after and tackled him for product prizes. Everyone who participated left home with product and a nice sunburn. -Sean Slater


Open Pro Am
1. Zach Keenan$3,000
2. Carl Holm$800
3. Anthony Ruffo$450
4. Daniel Terry$250
1. Nate Tyler$1,200
2. Kilian Garland$400
3. Tarik Kashogi$250
4. Rodger Eales$150
1. Kilian Garland$1,000
2. Gavin Gillette$250
3. Neil Kearney$150
4. Jake Kirschenbaum$100

Airshow Winner – Daryl “Flea” Virostko$1,000