Volcom Crustaceous Tour, Manesquan Inlet, New Jersey

The 2nd stop on the NorthEast Crustacious tour known as the Jelly fish Surf Series, took place at Manesquan Inlet New Jersy. The whole east coast has been slightly cursed for the last few months but fortunately for our event we arrived at the Beach to find small fully rideable two foot sets that held for the entire event. The Jellyfish event hosted over 80 surfers who arrived from all areas around Central Jersey. Once again the free VQS ( Volcom qualifying series) continued with the 3 divisions, 14 and under groms, 15-17 junior groms, and 18 and over Pro-am.. We had a rapidly approaching storm this day unfortunately cut the contest short. There was a few lightning bolts hitting the ground so the lifeguards cleared the beach which left us at the Semi’s. We averaged in the top waves from the semi’s to come up with our winners in each division.

In the groms 14 and under division running away with top honors by a considerable margin was Pat McLaughlin. In 2nd Drew appel followed by Sal Librizzi, and Robby Wheeler in 4th which were only seperated by 1 point. These tiny guys definately showed us Jersey with be showing some future talent in the years to come.

The Junior groms 15 – 17 the tide was getting a little low and the conditions starting getting a little difficult. This didn’t stop the juniors from finding a way to get there solid rides needed. In 1st was New Jersey ripper Adam Muniak followed by Greg Previte in a close 2nd, Mark Gilmartin in 3rd, and Alex Califano ending up in 4th. With surfing going as fast as it is, even though the junior groms are only 15-16 and 17 years old they are all showing signs of surfing maturity, keep an eye out for these young surfers. Last but not least in the Pro-am 18 and over division it was Adam Holloway finding a few good snaps in the difficult surf to edge out Nick Romito on his heals in 2nd, Sam Zuegner in 3rd, and giving a solid showing in 4th was Chris Carbone.. The Pro-am surfers through up quite few big solid manuevers in the final, the low tide conditions for the last round were less then helping the surf but it didn’t seem to effect the most experienced division of the event.

All of the events this summer VOLCOM will be hosting and giving away product. All the events are point rated qualifying events and they are always free to participate in. It is always on a first come first surf basis considering we only have so much time to run the events in one day so always arrive early and sign in. They will be sign in sheets on the beach when you arrive. Info on the events will either be in the mags or at your local surf shop. You can also call me Sean Slater at 321-431-7667 also the VOLCOM Hotline at 805-995-3603. I will be running all the East coast events. The North East Series is called the Jellyfish Surf Series and the South East( Florida) is known as the Seacow Surf Series. The next Jellyfish will be held in Ocean City New Jersey on Aug. 16th be there before 7 AM. The next Seacow event is on Jusly 23rd accross from Natural Art Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. Natural Arts # is 321-783-0764. Take it easy, see you on the Crustacious Tour” LET THE KIDS RIDE FREE”

Our sponsors for the event that are huge surfing supporters are Vans Shoes, Xcel, Prolite, and Smith Eyewear. These companies are the primary backers for the Jellyfish Surf series, thank you for your great support, the surfers appreciate it.

Also thanks to Volcom Rep Tony and his wife Cathy Lincoln for their hard work on making the contest a success.

14 and under groms 1st Pat McLaughlin 2nd Drew Appel 3rd Sal Librizzi 4th Robby Wheeler

15-17 junior groms1st Adam Muniak2nd Greg Previte3rd Mark Gilmartin4th Alex Califano

18 and over PRO-AM1st Adam Holloway2nd Nick Romito3rd Sam Zeugner4th Chris Carbone

Call Volcom for more information about an event near you at: (805) 995-3603 .