Volcom Crustaceous Tour, Ponto Beach,

Totally Crustaceous Tour – Blowfish surf series event #2 at Ponto Beach in Encinitas, CA. The surf was pumping 4-5ft from the south under sunny skies, you couldn’t ask for better conditions.[IMAGE 1] With 78 competitors all trying to walk away with the cash and veriety of prizes.

Ponto received great waves for the event.

In the end Zach Keenan walked away with some much needed cash in the Pro division. Roger Eales ruled the Juniors division to walk away with a snowboard and a slough of prizes from Volcom, Dragon, DC, Sector9, OAM, Nixon and others. Josh Montgomery was the Star Grom ruler of the day.


1 Zach Keenan $150
2 Jerimiah DePesa $50
3 Jermey Sherwin
4 Aaron Wonders

1 Rodger Eales
2 Joe Ghio
3 Josh Buran
4 Mike Gardner

1 Josh Montgomer