Volcom Crustaceous Tour – Sea Slug – County Line

Sea Slug – County Line
By Matt Malone, Photos By Rob Malone

Held at County Line on September 30th in fun 2′-4′ waves with glassy conditions all day.

The third stop of the Sea Slug Series went off with the best showing ofcontestants this year. First thing I want to say is thanks to all theparents (especially mine) who came out and stayed all day. People were linedup to enter and have a great time. Of course with Volcom hooking things upalong with Smith Eyewear, Globe shoes, Bully’s leashes and Wax nobody wenthome empty handed.

[IMAGE 1]On the surfing aspect of the contest wonder grom and first time Sea SluggerColin Schildhaur and Pierce Flynn battled it out in the Groms division.Colin won the iron man prize for surfing in seven heats in making twofinals. The judges were impressed with the lines both of the groms weredrawing. Not to be overshadowed Matt Mohagen continued his tear into thefinals to secure his ratings lead. In the end it was Pierce Flynn taking thewin.

In the Juniors division it was a battle for second place as Adam Swansonbusted a frontside air on his first wave and than did it again on another afew minutes later. Adam was bummed he didn’t make the open final and tookout his aggression for his best showing this year. In second was wonder gromColin Schildhaur who caught some of the best waves of the event.In the open division last years champion Jex McCartney tried to repeat hiswin but fell just short. In his place was two-time Sea Slug champion Yves [IMAGE 2]Bright. Evan Caples made a serious go at Yves but came up one big moveshort. Other notables in the open final were Clay Barbosa, Zach Swanson andJohn Zimpelman.

Last but not least was the Expression Session. As I let twelve surfers goout to blow up my pop commented that this was the best surfing he has seenall day. Surfers from groms to men were boosting airs, doing reverses, andjust going big. Bryan Boyd launched and landed a frontside air as did ConradScouten, but it was Yves Bright with a clean backside air that took theprize.

The next event will be at the Hermosa Pier on November 18th, see you there.

Results1st Pierce Flynn
2nd Matt Mohagen
3rd Colin Schildhaur
4th Nick Rosza
5th Anthony Butterfield
6th Garrett Carpenter.

1st Adam Swanson
[IMAGE 3]2nd Colin Schlidhaur
3rd Jared Lang
4th Mike Forest
5th Seth Hannemann
6th Bryan Cole

1st Yves Bright
2nd Evan Caples
3rd Clay Barbosa
4th John Zimpelman
5th Jex McCartney
6th Zach Swanson.