Volcom Crustaceous Tour, Sea Slug – Hermosa

The Sea Slug invaded Hermosa Beach on Saturday Nov.11th and witnessed something we’ve never seen here,GOOD WAVES! The surf in the morning was 3-5 with funrippable sections. The beach was amping as competitorssigned up as fast as possible so they could get outthere and surf. Well that and the fact that it wasfreezing on the beach.

This event saw 78 competitors battling it out forprizes from VOLCOM, Smith Eyewear, Freestyle Watches,Globe Shoes, Bully’s Leashes, Astro Deck, Surfer,Surfing, and Transworld Magazines and my mom.First up was the Juniors division. With the race forthe top five not yet set in stone the battle toqualify for the Volcom Championship was on. Stand outsfor the morning were Cameron Chacker and JamieMeistrell. Each kid posting high scores in the firstheat. Jamie had a left that he just kept hitting. Bam,Bam, Bam… While Cameron showed that only being 90lbsdoesn’t hold him back from putting it on rail. Bothwould make it to the finals where they ran intosomeone who is on a roll right now! Adam Swanson. Adamhas peaked at the right time the last two events,winning both. With his win the race for first overallis down to the last event between he and Jared Lang.Next up were the GROMS. What can be said about a gromthat just keeps on going. Matt Mohagen is like theenergizer bunny, keeps going… On the last wave ofthe final he did a hero style backside floater andwith it sealed the victory. His second this season.All the groms there were great. They are so amped andready to charge. One grom Alex Abad was run into by astupid Longboarder in his first heat and he justbrushed it off and kept going. The local grom heckledthe Longboarder right out of the area.

In the competitive Open division the winner was arepeat of last year. Adam Virs. Adam was busting airsleft and right. In fact he almost nailed the pierdoing one. The final was stacked. Billy Oswald, GregBrowning, Yves Bright, Andy Hobson, Evan Caples andAdam Virs. Unfortunately the tide dropped out as didthe shape for the final and Greg Browning broke hisboard at the half way mark. Evan Caples came up onewave short for the second time in a row. He is goingto win one of these soon, mark my words…All in all it was another unreal day for the Sea Slug.

Placings for the Sea Slug Event at the Hermosma Pier.Held in fun 3-5 foot waves.

1. Matt Mohagen
2. Eddie Lester
3. Chris Broman
4. Bert Farley
5. Elin Sielicki

1. Adam Swanson
2. Jamie Meistrell
3. Cameron Chacker
4. Tommy Banas
5. Jared Lang
6. Chris Broman

Mens. (Open)

1. Adam Virs
2. Evan Caples
3. Billy Oswald
4. Yves Bright
5. Greg Browning
6. Andy Hobson.

The championship for the Sea Slug will be on January13 at Zuma Beach. The top 5 will be invited to competein the VOLCOM Championship event in Newport later inthe year. For more info you can email me atvolcomseaslug@hotmail.com