Volcom Crustaceous Tour, Sea Slug – Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach Surf 3-5 with and good.

The tone of the championship of the Volcom Sea Slugwas set in the first heat of the day. Go for it or gohome wishing you had. With the swell pumping and thecompetitors amping for prizes from VOLCOM, Freestyle,Smith Optics, Bully’s Leashes, Astro Deck, Body Glove,Becker, Revolution, Val Surf, Globe Shoes, Surfing,Surfer, and Transworld Magazines, the final was thegoal.

And so the day began with the juniors showing whatthey can do. The man on fire today was Jared Lang.Jared was in a race for 1st place overall but today hewas in a race all by himself. Jareds second wave was adouble barrel and double turn 10. What a way to make astatement. He looked like the one everyone else had tobeat at the moment.

In the next few heats other juniors showed that theywere up for the challenge. Nate Tyler didn’t make thelong drive for nothing. Adam Swanson wasn’t going tojust going to roll over and give up the championshipafter being on a tear lately himself.The ever ready crowd pleasing men were up next and asusual they didn’t disappoint. The early roundsfeatured some great surfing by Anthony Petruso, AdamVirs, Yves Bright and Jex McCartney. Each showingtheir moves on the dance floor. Each of these guyssurfed into the final along with Nate Tyler and RobertWeiner.

In the air show everyone on the beach was entertainedby the high flying acts of Nate Tyler and Adam Virs.Even grom winner Matt Mohagen launched a clean one.The one that got the largest OHHHH—AHHH from thecrowd was from Adam Virs. He launched and flew into alayback that nobody thought he would get up from, buthe did and with that took home the prize.First up for the finals was the Groms. The groms wentout and charged from start to finish. The best thingabout the groms is they have huge smiles on theirfaces before and after they surf. The final came downto who was willing to push the most. That grom wasColin Schildhauer. Colin edged out Kelly Jacobson andMatt Mohagen with some clean top turns and a bigfloater.

In the junior final the decision of where to sit madeall the difference. Jared sat on the right that wasworking all day and Nate sat to the south on a leftall by himself. Nate made the right decision and threwthe tail all over the place for the win.

Now came the men. With the conditions still glassy andgoing off everyone wondered who would win. AnthonyPetruso started the heat off with a right that wasjust silly. Seven turns later he was on the beachwatching Yves Bright do similar things to a left. AdamVirs got into the act going mental all the way downthe beach as well. Than the moment of truth came. Adamcaught a set right and launched an enormous air onlyto fall at the bottom. Woulda, coulda, but didn’t.Anthony ripped and took home the cash with Adam insecond and Yves in third and Robert Weiner in fourth.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who surfed inthe events and to the top 5 guys, get ready for theVQS Championships in Newport.