Volcom Crustaceous Tour – The Rock, Morro Bay

[IMAGE 1]The goldfish surf series kicked off their first event at the rock in Morro Bay with decent 3-4ft surf under grey skies. Over 70 competitors battled for the top spots but in the end it was Carl Holm in the pro-am, Nate Tyler in juniors, and Killian Garland in Grom.[IMAGE 2]

Following the event was the sneaky central cal preimere of volcom’s new 16mm film computer body @ Kona’s deli in downtown SLO over 100 groms attended and were hungry see the new flick and for the free promo being tossed out relentlessly by the man in the Iron Maiden shirt.


PRO AM1 Carl Holm $1502 Dennis Rizzo $ 503 Zach Hartley $ 204 greg pobst $ 105 peter mussio6 pete berkey

Juniors1 Nate Tyler2 Eric Fawcett3 Kilian Garland4 AJ Seehorn

Grom1 Kilian Garland2 Bummy Koepenick3 Tim Fannesteil4 TJ Mortimer


Upcoming Event Dates:

The Volcom Qualifying Series 2000

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Greatwhite (Santa Cruz)September 16-The Lane, Santa CruzOctober 28-26th Ave., Santa CruzDecember 9-Pleasure Point, Santa CruzJanuary 27-The Lane, Santa Cruz

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Jellyfish (Northeast)

Pufferfish (Hawaii)October 21-Hookipa, MauiDecember 16-Pine Trees, KauaiFebruary 17-Turtle Bay, Oahu

Catfish (Puerto Rico)December 16-Puerto Rico TBA