Volcom Crustaceous Tour – Ventura

Volcom’s Butterfish Surf Series held their first event of the season at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura.[IMAGE 1] The surf was 2-4ft a dwindling south swell provided many contestable peaks up and down the beach. With over 130 competitors showing up to battle for cash and prizes, it made the free surfing area extreamly crowded.

Plenty of upsets were had throughout the day in the pro am, Adam Virs losing to interferance call and Sean Hayes getting cut short in the semi’s. In the end it was Sean Lionello taking hope the cash and heps of prizes, also 13 year old Kilian Garland was a standout of the day finishing 3rd in the pro am and winning the grom division. Finally after the event had ran to 7pm and many heats later Clay Barbosa walked away with the hard fought junior win. Greg Pobst rounded out the winners circle busting a 360 Air to win $50 bucks and the Air Contest.


1 Sean Lionello $150
2 Greg Pobst $ 50
3 Kilian Garland
4 Evan Caples
5 Chris Enns
6 Carl Holm

1 Clay Barbosa
2 Tarik Kashogi
3 Kyle Blickley
4 JP Taylor
5 Blake Howard
6 Jordan Garr

1 Kilian Garland
2 Ryan Peterson
3 Nick Argropolis
4 Marty Lienna
5 Colin Schlidhauer
6 Daniel Jacobs

1 Greg Pobst
2 Sean Hayes
3 Nate Tyler
4 Tyson Armstrong
5 Chris Enns
6 Adam Virs