Volcom Fiji Pro: Fijian Freight Trains At Cloudbreak

Lightning Strikes At The Volcom Fiji Pro
We should have known it was going to be a historic day of surfing when Tavarua Resort was struck by a bolt of lightning this morning. Kaiborg and a few of the Volcom guys were busy setting up a pop-up tent when a flash went off just off the beach. It was followed by a deafening explosion that scared the shit out of everyone on the island. "The flash went off right here," said Kai as he motioned to the beach. "Then the explosion went off and I freaked out. My balls almost came out of my mouth, brah." You know it's serious when a 6'2" 245lb. jiu-jitsu champ is scared shitless.

And that was just the beginning.

As crew made their way out to Cloudbreak, reports of clean up sets clearing the lineup spread like wildfire. Kelly Slater was one of the guys out there early and came in after taking a gargantuan lip to the head, followed by Dave Wassel and his broken-in-half-surfboard. "I got annihilated like a drunk girl at prom," said the ever-colorful Volcom Fiji Pro commentator. Wassel however, would go on to emerge from one of the biggest barrels of the day later in the afternoon…

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Fijian Freight Trains