Volcom Great White Results From Santa Cruz

The first Great White Surf Series of the season at Pleasure Point was proof that Santa Cruz is not all hippies and creepy granola eating bums. 40 groms cralled out of bed at 6am to secure themselves a spot in the event! They were out in full force and ready for some action. Unlike the Pro-Am which don’t show up till 10am with black eyes after a hard night.

The surf had been nearly flat all week, but today it had come up. Three to four feet and fun, conditions super clean. With over 100 competitors showing up, and Red Bull making breakfast, all the divisions would fill up solid.

In the Groms it would be a surprising change with Nick Alheit taking the win!

In the Juniors division it was a pretty useual final for the East side, withTony Mikus taking the win!

The ever heated Pro-Am? It’s amazing it was a mostly east side final, with all the talent which made the impossible journey to the pleasure point for a contest Josh Loya held them off as long as he could but it would be Kieran Horn, Omar Etcheverry, and with his Lance Burkhart type competition tactics, it would be east sider Julian Sekon with the $400 win!

1. Nick Alheit
2. Dylan McCarthy
3. Kyle Thierman
4. Ryan Chapman
5. Miles Belick
6. Chad Underhill

1. Tony Mikus
2. Kyle Buthman
3. Buck Shelton
4. Matt Myers
5. Garret Boyden
6. Donald Salter

1. Julian Sekon $400
2. Omar Etcheverry
3. Keiron Horn
4. Josh Loya