Volcom Jellyfish Results

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
October 13th 2001

“GOT TUBES?” The East Coast proved to have plenty on this day as well as some excellent donuts for a few during the event. The Jellyfish was held at 5th Street in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. With sunny skies, smiling competitors, and extremelyhollow 6-8 foot semi glassy surf dumping on the mid break sandbar, around 50 competitors battled it out in the unreal East Coastcontest rarity. The current proved to be a little treachurous but didn’t discourage any of the competitors from pulling out all the stops,while the onlookers sat on the Volcom couches and admired the visuals. Local Outer Banks grom Sam Sykes edged out everyone in the grom division to take 1st. These little guys were getting tossedaround a little but didn’t back down in the least. In the Junior grom division, all the finalists were charging and paying their dues, butit was Shep Drewry over Stephen Outten taking top honors. The pro-am division offered some worldly talent in the solid surf. Thefinal ended up being 454 minutes, with the current being so strong and the size of the dumping surf we made the pro final quite a bitlonger to see all the competitors get their wavecountand make it a little more exciting for the spectators. Taking the pro-am divisionand $150.00 was Va Beach Volcom rider Ian Parnell and in a very close second was local Volcom rider Billy Hume. Ian’s first wave inthe final was a thick backside barrel that reminded me of an East Coast pipe, it was sick, best surf for any event this year by far. Thelast award we gave out was for the Gnarliest Thing of the Day which could be anything we pick from eat its to tubes to airs etc.. Onthis day young Teddy Wood got a solid one on the head and had his frame twisted into a pretzel and was awardedfor best donuts. We would like to give a giant thanks to all the dedicated, involved companies for backing our Jellyfish events and the kids, thatdonated the product which makes these events happen. Thanks to VOLCOM, SECTOR NINE, SMITH EYEWEAR,PRO-LITE, K-GRIP, ESA (OUTER BANKS), GLOBE SHOES, HAPPY MAGAZINE, TRANSWORLD SURF MAG, SURFING MAG, SURFER MAG, ESM MAG, ANDNORTHEAST SURF NEWS. We would also like to say thanks to The Hume’s who also help makethis possible, as well as run the ESA in the Outer Banks, and their pack of miniature doksins thatmake us happy every day. The next JELLYFISH event will be the event we postponed in Va Beach due to a few minor details. Apologies toanyone who showed and found it was postponed. All the credentials are in place and we are looking forward to avery successful event on Nov. 10 with a back up date of Nov. 11th. This event will most likely be packed so pleasebe there early 7AM at 1st Street Jetty. For more info please call the info line @ 904-285-2751 or the HOTLINE @805-995-3603. Take it easy, hope to see you at the next event.
The results were as follows:
1ST–Ian Parnell
2nd—Billy Hume
3rd—-Jon Giliand
4th—-Dallas Tolson
6th—-Wayne Whitley

1ST–Shep Drewry
2nd—Stephen Outten
3rd—-Hunter Romero
4th—-Teddy Wood
5th—-Cy Corbin
6th—-Josh Howard

1st—-Sam Sykes
2nd—Zach Kenny
3rd—-Dana Quinn
4th—-Sam Horne
5th—-Skyla Lamartoegan