Volcom New York City – Now Open At 446 Broadway

On Sunday, June 1st of 2008 the long-awaited and highly anticipated Volcom NYC Store opened its doors to the public.

After renovations were complete, the Volcom sales marketing team defined our space with unique memorabilia dating all the way back to our inception in 1991.

The boys worked tirelessly wheat-pasting murals, hanging custom framed portraits, posters, decks and other miscellaneous items from our athletes and artists. Let’s just say their work wasn’t done until they saw the sunrise.

During the install Volcom Featured Artist Juan Heredia smoothly strolled into the madness and painted an amazing custom mural to our NYC store. The young man has a plethora of talent and style for miles.

The newly formed sales staff is an amazing crew of unique New Yorkers. They are skaters, artists and seasoned sales associates who all have a lot of personality.

A huge thanks goes out to all who were involved in making this monumental endeavor happen.

The staff as well as the store truly embody the Volcom experience, so get down to 446 Broadway (just south of Grand) and check it out.

Check out the Volcom NYC Store page Volcom Store.

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