Volcom Pipe Pro: Lei Day Carnage At Pipeline

Why did contest officials decide to not run the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro yesterday? Because Pipe was kicking ass and taking names! I spoke with Volcom Pipe Pro surfer representative Flynn Novak this morning and he told me a harrowing tale of him getting knocked out while underwater and barely coming to. “It was like I was asleep and it felt so good, then a voice in my head said, ‘Wake the f—k up!’ and I snapped out of it and made it to the surface.” Sketchy to say the least. Flynn’s got 12 staples in his noggin and an extremely sore body but you can bet he’ll be back for more as soon as he’s ready. Fingers crossed the contest will run tomorrow when the conditions are more manageable.—Justin Coté 

Flynn Novak Pipeline Wipeout

“Thanks God I have a hard head,” said Flynn Novak after bouncing off the reef at Pipeline yesterday.