Volcom Purchases A Little Piece Of Paradise

After five years of being Volcom’s winter home base on the North Shore of Oahu, “The Volcom House” will now officially be a permanent fixture at the most famous beach in the world. The house at Pipe has become an icon on the North Shore of Oahu and around the world, packed with the most relentless group of surfers tackling one of the heaviest and most respected waves in the world, just off the front porch.

Every year, the entire Volcom surf team and friends gather at the Pipe House to watch the action in the water unfold. It has been home to Bruce Irons, Kai Garcia, Chava Greenlee, Dean Morrison, Tai Van Dyke, Kaleo Roberson, Tom Dosland and a host of others including Volcom President and CEO Richard Woolcott, “This is a big deal for the Company and Team. I’m really proud to have our own facility at Pipeline and I know this is something that Bruce and the rest of the guys will enjoy for many years to come”

The plans to purchase the house at Pipe have been in the minds of team riders for years, according to VP of Marketing, Troy Eckert, “Bruce and the boys we’re always telling us to buy it. It’s an honor to be able to own a piece of surfing’s ultimate proving grounds. Stoked!” The Volcom House will continue to be a major part of the winter season on the North Shore, housing the Volcom surf team for years to come. Future plans include a complete renovation and upgrade of the house to accommodate the team, afternoon BBQ’s and of course more parties. Keep your eyes peeled on Volcom’s Pipe House for more action every winter on the North Shore.