Volcom Sea Slug Results From County Line

VQS Totally Crustaceous Tour Sea Slug Event #3 County Line

On Saturday October 20th 2001 the 3rd event of the Volcom Sea Slug Surf Series kicked off at County Line in fun 2-4 foot waves. With all divisions filled up this was another in great event in the tradition of Volcom events…


The Groms division saw super flyweight Cory Arrambide make the waves not only look overhead, but really fun. Hewas popping airs and doing full turns on his way to his first Sea Slug victory. In the juniors division it was anothershorter fellow Yaden Nicol from West Oz taking the win. Yaden was on fire from the first heat to the final heat.

In the Open division the final four finishers were separated by only 1.5 points. It was super close and edging out a win over the pack was Yves Bright. Jeremy Ryan was trying to make it two weeks in a row but came up just short as he fell going for it all on a solid air. In the Air show it was Adam Virs launching and landing three airs on three waves to take the win.

We want to thank all the parents, including mine, who came down and helped make everything the success it was. And thanks to: Globe shoes, Smith Optics, Bully’s Leashes, Freestyle USA, Famous Wax, Vitamin Water, Cliff Bar, and Surfer, Surfing, & Transworld magazines.
1st Cory Arrambide
2nd Timmy Pfannenstiel
3rd Cole Broduer
4th Nick Rozsa
5th Mike McCabe
6th Garrett Carpenter
1st Yaden Nicol
2nd Nate Tyler
3rd Bummy
4th Nick Rozsa
5th Corry Arrambide
6th Daniel Jacobs

[IMAGE 2] Open
1st Yves Bright $150
2nd Jeremy Ryan $50
3rd Nate Tyler
4th Nick Nevarez
5th Blake Howard
6th Adam Virs
Air show winner
Adam Virs $50