Volcom Sea Slug Results From Zuma

Volcom Sea Slug
August 2nd 2003
Zuma Beach 3-6 feet hollow and shallow!

What do you get when you have the first Sea Slug event of the year, a solid south swell at Zuma, and a low tide morning? 6 broken boards and a lot of barrel time. That’s just what faced the competitors at Zuma this Saturday. Everyone from 9 year old 4’5″ Sky Lawson to the oldest mens competitor had to go for it for the win. And with 10,000 people on the beach at Zuma come finals time everyone was going for it.

In the Groms division they didn’t get the bombs, but the smiles on their faces never diminished. Evan Watson almost had a stand up backside tube but he raced it instead. Afterward when I told him he should of stalled a little bit he said “man I was scared on that thing.” Two groms really went for it Cheyne Gusmoreli and Cory Arrambide. In the end Cory took the win looking really solid.

The Juniors division had a few new faces and some returning faces. Kai Ellison score one of the best tubes of the day in the early rounds and showed that the tube was the way to go. Unfortunately in the final the open waves eluded Kai and longtime Sea Slug competitor Timmy Pfannestiel took the win with Matt Mohagen a close second.

The Sea Slug always has more Pro-Am competitors than any other division and this event was no different. Of the six broken boards in this event four were in this division. These guys made the waves look fun and illicit many ohhhs and ahhhs from the crowd watching on the beach. The final came down to two veteran Sea Slugers, Shaun Burrell and Adam Virs. Each went for it and both boosted airs. The difference was Shaun Burrell scored a 9.5 on a super sucking left barrel that was worth the $200 first place prize.

1st Cory Arrambide
2nd Cheyne Gusmoreli
3rd Colin Andersen
4th Jordan Weal
5th Evan Watson
6th Daniel Kraft

1st Tim Pfannestiel
2nd Matt Mohagen
3rd Kai Ellison
4th Gustavo Salazar
5th COry Arrambide
6th Colin Andersen

Men Pro-Am
1st Shaun Burrell ($200)
2nd Adam Virs ($50)
3rd Yves Bright
4th Blake Howard
5th Luis Nikaido
6th Kai Ellison