Volcom Seacow Results From St. Augustine

Finally, St. Augustine get’s good waves and weather for the last event of the year! Mother nature delivered a strong ENE swell from a low pressure system in the Mid-Atlantic, creating 3-4 ft surf and offshore winds all day. Competitors were stoked and ready to do battle for points, prizes and cash!


Grom divison had some hard fought heats go down thoughtout the day. In the final, Sean Poynter stepped it up and took home the win, a bag full of gear and a Sector Nine skatedeck. Seans win, secured himself a spot in the VQS Championship. Taking second, was local grom Andy Karabichek. Mike Fitts day ended short when he was unable to finish the final due to the fin of his surfboard hitting him the head. He came back from the ER with 6 stitches and claimed his 6th place prize bag.

In the Girls final Shara Hoffert caught the bomb sets and took the win to take down Keren Crawley. Heren, solid surfing throughtout the final earned her a solid second place. All six finalist walked away with tons of prizes and smiles on there faces.


The Juniors final went off, with set after set rolling in. Daytona beach’s Jesse Heilman took full advantage of each wave, to take the win, a Santa Cruz skatebeck and a bag full of gear. Mike Cao took second and secured his spot for the VQS champs.

Hands down, the Pro-Am final was the best heat of the day. Lot’s of good surfing from everyone. Will Tant had some strong waves in the final and finished in third. Second place went to Chris Ropero, who took home $100 cash and a bag full of gear. Eric Hatton took the win, and $200 cash back to his home in Fernandina Bch. Congrats to all the finalists1



1.Sean Poynter
2.Andy Karabichek
3.Josh Heater
4.Stone Towers
5.Jonathon Heater
6.Mike Fitts

1.Jesse Heilman
2.Mike Cao
3.Rory Reep
4.Justin Scheel
5.David Holloway
6.Dane Jefferys

1.Shara Hoffert
2.Karen Crawley
3.Ali Roberts
4.Erica Badida
5.Kelly Patrick
6.Luann Shear
1.Eric Hatton $200
2.Chris Ropero$100
3.Will Tant
4.Adam McGill
5.Jody Davis
6.Ross Howat