Volcom Seaslug Results From El Porto

Volcom Sea Slug Event #2
Oct 18, 2003 El Porto,
Surf 4-6+ Dumpy, Sunny Skies!

For the first trip to the South Bay this year the Volcom Sea Slug was greeted with a packed parking lot and head high waves at El Porto. Finding parking and feeding the meter was needed as there were 112 competitors battling for prizes and points. The surf was 4-6 and dumpy but it lacked a tad in the shape, yet there were hundreds of surfers out living it up on this slumy stretch of beach in LA. Red Bull provided the breakfast and drinks, so everyone scored.

Three Groms were responsible for all the highlights in their division. Mike McCabe and Cory Arrambide from Ventura and Dane Zaun from the South Bay. These three battled most of the day and in the end neither could match the 9.5 the judges awarded Cory and he captured the Grom Final followed by Dane and than Mike.

In the Juniors division these guys were stepping up all day. In the second heat Anthony Palazallo charged hard and paid the price. He won the heat but had to leave due to a cut on his chin. The Kid wanted to continue but off he went to get a few cat gut stitches… This left the field with one less challenger. The final came down to two long time Sea Sluggers, Matt Mohegan and Cory Arrambide. Using the same peak he did for the Grom win Cory secured a couple of 7’s and won the Juniors final.

The Pro-Am division was the big draw as it always is with the Sea Slug. With guys like Josh Hoyer, Adam Popp, Shaun Burrell and Yves Bright, and first time finalist Marcelo Araujo, all wanting the cash and bragging rights, each went big throughout the event. The final came down to the end with Shaun Burrell and Yves Bright both picking off the better waves and matching each others scores. On a count back the win and cash for the second time in a row went to Shaun Burrell.

Thanks to the product sponsors: Smith Optics, Body Glove, Globe Shoes, Bully’s Leashes, Head Hunter Sun Block, Freestyle Watches, Famous Wax, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Vita-Water, Red Bull, Cliff Bars, Surfing, Surfer and Transworld surf mags.


1. Cory Arrambide
2. Dane Zaun
3. Mike McCabe
4. Dillion Perillo
5. Evan Thomas
6. Daniel Monteverde

1. Cory Arrambide
2. Matt Mohegan
3. Garrett Daniels
4. Rob Swanson
5. Gus Salazar
6. Kevin Courtney

1. Shaun Burrell $150
2. Yves Bright $50
3. Josh Hoyer
4. Adam Popp
5. Justin Swartz
6. Marcelo Araujo