Volcom Seaslug Results From El Porto

July 28, 2001


The 2nd event of the Volcom Sea Slug was held at ElPorto in small but fun surf. With more than 100competitors trying to all be in the finals to clainvictory the day was fast and furious…As always I want to say thank you to the people whohelped this event to be so great. Volcom, Globe,Smith, Freestyle, Bully’s, Astro Deck, Body Glove,energy drinks from Sobe and Cliff Bars. On the VQStour is the only place you can find all these goodies for free… The surf was small for the event but we had a good two way peak that made for more than just groveling. Long rides with many moves available were the keys to winning the event.For the 2nd event in a row we had repeat winners. Nate Tyler drove down from up north and took out the juniors division just edging out fellow Volcom rider Bummy. In the grom division it was Nick Rosza winning his 2nd event in as row as well. Both these guys were killing it. In the open division it has become a battle both onthe beach and in the water between Yves Bright andAdam Virs. Yves won the last time and this time is was Adam taking 1st and Yves in 2nd. Coming in 3rd was Hira Teriinatofo from Tahiti. Virs came from way behind in the final with some go for broke moves and took home the prizes and some cash…

Groms:1st. Nick Rosza2nd. Cory Arambide3rd. Kellen Ellison4th. Bert Farley5th. Matt Mohagen6th. Kyle Collins

Juniors:1st: Nate Tyler2nd: Bummy3rd: Jamie Jacobsen4th: Alex Grey5th: Eric Cowen6th: Colin Dodgson

Mens:1st Adam Virs2nd Yves Bright3rd Hira Teriinatofo4th Evan Caples5th Nick Navarez6th Adam Swanson